3 Questions to Ask a Car Accident Injury Doctor After an Accident

by | Jul 23, 2020 | Healthcare

Car accidents can easily cause trauma and damage to the body, even if the people involved aren’t aware of the injuries. This is a part of what makes doctor visits so important once an accident takes place. When visiting a doctor, there are certain things patients should consider asking to get the most out of the visit. Here are three questions to ask a car accident injury doctor in Lake City:

1. How Quickly Can Treatment Take Place After an Accident?

Every doctor has a different schedule, and this can make things a bit confusing for patients looking to be seen at a certain time. Car accident injuries are serious and need immediate attention, so it is best to ask how quickly someone can be seen after the accident. Ask about walk-in appointments, wait times, and other scheduling options.

2. Are They Part of a Special Medical Network?

Injuries from car accidents can impact multiple parts of the body and cause a variety of injuries. In that case, one person may need to see a variety of specialists to get the proper care and attention. Ask about whether or not the car accident injury doctor in Lake City is a part of a multi-specialty medical care network.

3. Are Injuries and Treatments Thoroughly Documented?

The injury claim process can be pretty complicated if the documentation isn’t taken care of properly. Every doctor that is seen should be able to verify that records of care and everything else gets documented thoroughly. This will help prevent confusion and claim denials.

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